To Chiang

T’o Chiang


a river in China, a left tributary of the Yangtze. The T’o Chiang is 623 km long and drains an area of 27,500 sq km. It rises in the eastern foothills of the Tahüe Shan, or Szechwan Alps, and flows through the Szechwan Basin, forming rapids along its course. Summer floods raise the river’s level by as much as 20 m. The mean flow rate is 450 cu m per sec. Water from the T’o Chiang is used for irrigation. The cities of Neichiang and Fushun are located along the river, and the city of Luchow is on its estuary.

References in classic literature ?
Chiang Nan's a hundred miles, yet in a moment's space I've flown away to Chiang Nan and touched a dreaming face.
Thailand has gained in popularity as a tourist destination among Middle East travellers, prompting Qatar Airways to add their service to Chiang Mai four times a week.
Qatar Airways hosted a private gala dinner with influential business leaders, industry experts and heads of commerce to help complete the celebrations for the launch of its newest route to Chiang Mai, Thailand.
QatarAirways has hosted a private gala dinner with influential businessleaders, industry experts and heads of commerce to help complete thecelebrations for the launch of its newest route to Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Qatar Airways will inaugurate three flight per week from Doha to Chiang Mai in December this year.
Qatar Airways has announced that it will expand its network to Chiang Mai in Thailand from December.
The route back to Chiang Mai follows tracks through rice fields and vegetable gardens before taking guests back into the city on back lanes and alleyways, with the trip ending at the Grasshopper shop.
The area hit in 2011 is close to Chiang Rai and prompted the then-government to call for a review of Thailand's preparedness for a major seismic event.
Air China said that its new service taps into the huge travel source market from Beijing to Chiang Mai by utilising Air China's hub in Beijing.
Air China will introduce a Beijing to Chiang Mai service on November 7.
Joseph Stilwell (who hated Chiang but was placed in close proximity to Chiang for several years by the Franklin Roosevelt administration) and never to complain about him, despite expressing bitter complaints in his diary.
Though the central government is paying increased attention to Chiang Mai after last year's general election--including a promise to build a high-speed railway between Chiang Mai and Bangkok--many local residents support decentralization and greater autonomy.