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, city (1990 pop. 1,026,455), Fukuoka prefecture, N Kyushu, Japan, on the Shimonoseki Strait between the Inland Sea and the Korea Strait. It was formed in 1963 by the union of the cities of Kokura, Moji, Tobata, Wakamatsu, and Yawata (or Yahata), which are now wards.
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, Japan.
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The cargo was unloaded at the Tobata LNG Terminal in accordance with the buyers lifting and delivery schedule.
Department of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Tobata, Kitakyushu 804-8550, Japan
From September to November, Kyushu Electric got seven cargoes at its Tobata terminal, down from 13 in the same period in 2014.
Hitachi Metals was founded in 1910 as the Tobata Foundry.
We are Tobata and Jennifer, 2 peer support workers (PSWs) from Kowloon Hospital of Hong Kong.
Department of Basic Sciences, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Tobata, Kitakyushu 804-8550, Japan
While there remain Korean residents who do not want to reveal their ethnic background, a number of students openly discuss it in class every year, says Choi Song Sil, 57, one of the three teachers teaching at Tobata Chuo Elementary School.
5, 2012, Gazprom announced that the "Ob River, a liquefied natural gas carrier chartered by Gazprom Group, successfully completed the world's first LNG supply via the Northern Sea Route when it arrived at the regasification terminal in the Port of Tobata in Japan, delivering a Gazprom Group-owned LNG cargo to Japanese consumers." The carrier, operated by the Greek shipping company Dynagas, left the Port of Hammerfest in Norway Nov.
Growth of valley oak (Quercus tobata Nee) in four floodplain environments in the Central Valley of California.
(2) Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Sensui, Tobata, Kitakyushu 804-8550, Japan
Em doses baixas, a estimulacao de receptores D1 no leito vascular renal de caes provoca vasodilatacao e aumento do fluxo sanguineo renal (TOBATA et al., 2004); entretanto, com incremento da dose, ocorre estimulcao [alpha]-adrenergicas, causando vasoconstricao (FURUKAWA et al., 2002).
fucata martensii increases consistently with water temperature from 13[degrees]C to 22[degrees]C, reaches its maximum from 22[degrees]C to 28[degrees]C, and decreases at over 28[degrees]C (Numaguchi 1994), and this species hibernates in temperatures less than 13[degrees]C (Kobayashi & Tobata 1949).