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[Gr. from Heb. Tobijah=God is my good], book of the Old Testament Apocrypha, not included in the Hebrew Bible. It is the account of Tobit, a devout Jew in exile, and of his son Tobias.
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Tobias said: "I've loved this challenge, it has really encouraged me to stretch my design capabilities and do something I've never done before.
Tobias twisted his neck to face Andreas, and as he did, a cluster of gold curls, like a bunch of grapes, drooped down his forehead.
A day after the meeting at which cocaine was present, Tobias transported $100,000 from Las Vegas to Phoenix for his friends, per court records.
Siya na lang talaga huling pag-asa natin, Tobias explained.
Full-time singer-songwriter Tobias is related to beloved Blind Date presenter Cilla through his maternal grandfather, George White, who was her eldest brother.
We have a majority of people who do not approve of the way abortion is being practiced in this country today," Tobias told Greenhouse.
While the bullying problems will be more on the school administration, Tobias said policemen were also instructed to assist the students being bullied if the incident would occur outside school premises.
Tobias and Jak have such a strong connection together and wowed the judges in the auditions.
Bio-pharmaceutical company Medican Enterprises Inc (OTCBB: MDCN) announced on Monday that it has appointed David Tobias to the company's advisory board, effective 3 March 2014.
Paul should deal with him but Tobias is young and he's fresh.
Just half an hour later victim Tobias Whitmarsh, 21, was chased, punched and kicked when he refused to hand over his mobile phone.