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[Gr. from Heb. Tobijah=God is my good], book of the Old Testament Apocrypha, not included in the Hebrew Bible. It is the account of Tobit, a devout Jew in exile, and of his son Tobias.
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* EXHIBITION DATE: Kirsten Wilkins, Peter Malony and Saarrah Akudi are going to the National Gallery next month (PC310311Cschool-02) * ARTY PARTY: Rachael Hertzberg (front right) and classmates study a copy of Tobias and the Angel. Right: Castle Hill's version of the work (PC310311Cschool-04)
The story of Tobias and the Angel was a popular subject in 15th-Century Florence.
"We took some of the older chil-dren to Durham Cathedral, which has a version of Tobias and the Angel as a stained glass window.
The company, which prefers to find real Midlands characters instead of holding casting calls, recruited Sheila after helping her church group at St Matthew Perry Beeches put on their amateur production of Tobias and the Angel in 2000.
1 Hot-water bottle cover, pounds 58, Tobias and the Angel; patchwork- covered hot-water bottle (on top), pounds 19.95, Liberty.
Recently, a light opera, Tobias and the Angel, was beautifully presented in Birmingham.
Pictures on display include depictions of bible stories such as Tobias and the Angel, painted by the Belgian artist Jacob Grimmer, Abraham Janssens' portrayal of Diana, the Greek goddess of hunting, and Perseus and Andromeda by Edgar Mitchell, a Scottish artist who settled in Newcastle in about 1900.
Fr Simon Mackenzie has made his soaring, trapezoidal church in the M6 hinterland a respected venue for musical performance, and none more compelling than the church opera currently on show there, Jonathan Dove's Tobias and the Angel.
The recent London premiere of Jonathan Dove's community opera Tobias and the Angel was greeted by the kind of reviews most composers can only dream about.
There is an excellent opportunity to sample Tobias and the Angel this weekend, when City of Birmingham Touring Opera presents a 27-minute excerpt at various venues as part of ArtsFest 99.