Todd, Mike

Todd, (Michael) Mike (b. Avrom Hirsh Goldbogen)

(1900–58) showman; born in Minneapolis, Minn. (married to Elizabeth Taylor). The son of a rabbi, he specialized in producing spectaculars, developing three dimensional film for his Academy Award-winning Around the World in Eighty Days (1956).
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This year's participants are: Carl Roberts, Peter Jones, Trevor Bate, Dave Rocky Jones, Kris Fearnley, Roger Wilson, Graham Hunt, Ivor Jones, Adam Penlington, Chris Slater, Martin Jones, Keirion Roberts, Dylan Williams, Nick Jones, Geoff Pugh, Darren Williams, Paul Hallett, Scott Todd, Mike Riley, Des Hey, Roger Morgan, Daniel Jones, John Bailey, Andrew Hughes, Jason Hughes, Leighton Roberts, Ian M Jones, Martin Hughes, Rhys Hopwood, Paul Walley, Bryan Hayes and Phill Maddox.
Kevin Todd, Mike Crates and Nick Wood - who all work at Ashton's in the capital's bustling market - left their opponents gutted when they claimed a clean sweep of the top prizes at the annual British Fish Craft Championships.
Last week in the Heritage, though, Fred Funk, Scott Stallings, Sang-Moon Bae, Brendon Todd, Mike Weir, Todd Camplin, Tommy Gainey, Fredrik Jacobson and Brian Harman posted scores in the 80s.
Other Playhouse shows include a new black version of Brecht's Mother Courage, the musical Sweeney Todd, Mike Leigh's Abigail's Party and the Richard Alston Dance Company.