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1. a garment worn by citizens of ancient Rome, consisting of a piece of cloth draped around the body
2. the official vestment of certain offices



an outer garment worn by citizens of ancient Rome. A type of robe, the toga was usually made of white wool; the togas of equites (knights) and senators were decorated with a purple border. The all-white toga candida was worn by those seeking public office (hence the word “candidate”).

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Rukhsana, of Hall Green, Birmingham, knew she wanted something different - which is what she has set out to achieve with her store TOGA + Loll in Drury Lane, Solihull.
But no, she wants full Imperial glamour, toga, hair up and a bracelet.
The Cottage Grove Hysterical Society, organizers of Saturday's fourth annual Animal House Celebration Toga Party, is aiming to make a statement:
They found several members of the group in the bar, wearing togas made from ripped bed sheets.
James, who plays Sabinus, said: "The togas took a little getting used to.
Why we care: We confess--we're a sucker for sweaty guys in togas.
The hands-on learning group has been helping to bring history alive from trying on togas to grinding spices.
MORE than 1,000 skeletons, bizarrely dressed in elegant togas, have been found by archaelogists exploring a burial chamber in Rome.
30, 2003, with a re-enactment of the parade scene that drew at least 2,166 participants, almost all of them in togas.
Togas were white, so it's possible that the Romans wore white socks to match their togas.
It's sure to be a hit with tourists - but even in July, Scotland might be a bit cold for togas.