Toggenburg goat

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Toggenburg goat:

see goatgoat,
ruminant mammal with hollow horns and coarse hair belonging to the genus Capra of the cattle family and closely related to the sheep. True wild goats, all of Old World origin, include the Persian bezoar goat, or pasan, possibly the ancestor of the domestic
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Miss Ogden, 69, has kept Toggenburg goats for 30 years.
RESILIENT: Glyn Heddwyn Jones with his wife Rhian, officially opens the 2003 Royal Welsh Show; EXHIBIT: Shane Llewelyn Jones from Builth Wells, shows Joy, his British Toggenburg goat Picture: Richard Stanton; WINNERS: Prize winning poultry on show at the Royal Welsh Show; Picture: Richard Stanton
We moved out in September of 1994, and bought our daughter a Toggenburg goat right away for her birthday.
Growth of Saanen, Alpine and Toggenburg goats in the federal district, Brazil: genetic and environmental factors.