Liancourt Rocks

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Liancourt Rocks,

Jap. Takeshima, Korean Dokdo or Tokdo, island group, 58 acres (23 hectares), in the SW Sea of Japan, roughly midway between the Japanese island of Honshu and the Korean peninsula. Consisting of two small rocky islands and nearby reefs, the Liancourt Rocks are claimed by Japan and South Korea, and have been occupied by South Korea since 1954. An irritant in Japanese-Korean relations, they are valuable mainly for the fisheries in the surrounding waters and the potential offshore mineral wealth.
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''The Japanese authorities' shameless 'claim to Tok Islet' will get them nowhere and the old dream of the 'Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere' is a pipe dream,'' it said.
According to KCNA, the Minju Joson cited historical materials ''proving that Tok Islet belongs to the Korean territory'' and warned Japan ''to face the reality squarely and stop at once its foolish acts of inviting troubles to itself.''
The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said Koizumi ''made reckless remarks that Tok Islet belongs to Japan and that South Korea would be advised to react with discretion and had better not opt to expanding or complicating the controversy.''
The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), in a report monitored in Beijing, said the North's Council of National Reconciliation proposed that ''organizations and personages'' from the South have ''working-level contacts'' with those from the North ''in order to hold a North-South symposium on dominium over Tok Islet.''