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Aichi Tokei Denki is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, and in 2008 celebrated its 110th anniversary.
Japan biologist exchange program continued, with Takashi Miyahara (FWS) working on the Tokei Maru and Seiwa Kawasaki (Japan Fishery Agency) working aboard the Tordenskjold.
Tokei (1971: 129) reads, "letters and recordings," Knechtges (1982: 23) and Chung (1982: 35) "letters" and "records," Wong Siu-kit et al.
Tokyo, Japan, Nov 9, 2006 - (JCN Newswire) - Tokei Bijutsu Houshoku Shimbun Co.
Figure 1 shows the annual per capita consumption of sake, shochu, beer, and whisky in 1951-1992, according to Japanese alcohol statistics, meticulously compiled by the National Tax Agency (Kokuzeicho Tokei Nenposho, various years).
Statistical Bureau of Japan, 1999, Nihon no Tokei (Statistics in Japan), in Japanese.
Dai 31 ji Okinawa Nourinn Suisann Tokei Nennpou (The 31st annual report on agriculture, forestry, and fishery in Okinawa Prefecture).
2% according to data extracted from Shinyo Hoken Tokei Nenpo (JASMEC, 2001).
Segun Ferene Tokei, sinologo hungaro discipulo de Lukacs, "el Li Sao es quizas la mas grande obra de toda la poesia china" y contiene elementos de autobiografia, exilio y politica no desemejantes a los que hallamos en Neruda.
The four are Masayoshi Goshima, 61, a former deputy manager at Aichi Tokei Denki Co.
Other suppliers of PD meters for gas applications include Aichi Tokei Denki Japan), Elster, and Invensys Metering.
Ministry of Justice, "Gaikokujin torokusha tokei ni tsuite," June 11, 2002, "Honpo ni okeru huho zanryusha su ni tsuite," January 1, 2002, online: <http://www.