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a city under republic jurisdiction in the Kirghiz SSR. Situated in the eastern part of the Chu Valley, on the left bank of the Chu River. Railroad station on the Lugovaia-Rybach’e line, 60 km east of the city of Frunze. Population, 52,000 (1975; 19,000 in 1939).

Tokmak ranks second after Frunze in volume of industrial production in northern Kirghizia. Local industry includes two automobile repair plants, a cannery, a sugar refinery, a milk plant, a glassworks, and a plant for the production of reinforced-concrete structural members. Other enterprises include a crushing and sorting plant, a meat-packing combine, a wool-processing factory, a felt factory, and a cardboard factory. Tokmak also has a technicum for training in the mechanization and electrification of agriculture, a medical school, and a Kirghiz Republic cultural school.


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a city (since 1938; until 1963, Bol’shoi Tokmak) under oblast jurisdiction of Zaporozh’e Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Railroad station (Bol’shoi Tokmak) on the Fedorovka-Verkhnii Tokmak line. Population, 50,100 (1975). Local industry includes a diesel construction plant, a forging and stamping plant, a plant for the production of agricultural equipment, a brickyard, a milk-canning combine, a cannery, a brewery, and a furniture combine, as well as enterprises of light industry. The city has a mechanical engineering technicum and a museum of local lore.

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