Liancourt Rocks

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Liancourt Rocks,

Jap. Takeshima, Korean Dokdo or Tokdo, island group, 58 acres (23 hectares), in the SW Sea of Japan, roughly midway between the Japanese island of Honshu and the Korean peninsula. Consisting of two small rocky islands and nearby reefs, the Liancourt Rocks are claimed by Japan and South Korea, and have been occupied by South Korea since 1954. An irritant in Japanese-Korean relations, they are valuable mainly for the fisheries in the surrounding waters and the potential offshore mineral wealth.
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He also criticized Japan's claims to the South Korean administered Tokto Island, called Takeshima Island in Japanese, as well as repeated visits by Japanese leaders to the war-related Yasukuni Shrine, which honors Class A war criminals along with Japanese war dead.
The distortion of history in Japanese school textbooks and reopening of old wounds such as the sovereignty of Tokto Island are not trivial to Korean people,'' he said.
Korea to summon Japanese envoy, file protest over Tokto Island
South Korea and Japan both claim sovereignty over Tokto Island, known as Takeshima in Japan, located halfway between the two neighbors.
The issues include queen crab fishing by South Korean boats around Takeshima Island, which South Korea calls Tokto Island, in the Sea of Japan.
cites the need for Japanese people to recognize Tokto Island, known in Japan as Takeshima, as Japanese territory.