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Tolkien, J. R. R.

(John Ronald Reuel Tolkien) (täl`kēn, tōl`–), 1892–1973, British novelist, b. South Africa. A fantasy writer and Oxford don, Tolkien wrote The Hobbit (1937), adapted from stories he told his children. Some of the characters from The Hobbit reappear in The Lord of the Rings (1954–55), a trilogy in which he details the life, history, and cosmology of the mythological Middle Earth, and for which he invented several languages, most notably Elvish. He was also a respected medieval scholar.


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There is no place for the liberating joy and innocent, well-deserved pride of a Tolkienesque sub-creator here.
But 43-year-old Mrs Busst has put the idea of dropping her Hs to SZC lawyers, who are putting similar pressure on Southampton pub The Hobbit, which has Tolkienesque decor and serves cocktails with names such as Bilbo, Gandalf and Frodo, "I've asked if taking the H off our name would be okay and if they would help with the costs," she said.
Offering a gigantic, Tolkienesque playground for you to explore and interact with, it offered an adventure more engrossing than any other title released this year.
The beautifully drawn dragon eggs inside the front cover and the freshly hatched baby dragons inside the back cover are indicative of the quality of the book's illustrations which are dreamy and evoke stirrings of Tolkienesque dragons, mystical places and distant lands.
7 Pan's Labyrinth (Guillermo del Toro) A dazzlingly risky undertaking: Tolkienesque whimsy embedded in the brutal reality of Fascist Spain.
Mawddach Estuary, near Barmouth Tolkienesque beauty, and still very much undiscovered as a tourist honeypot 5.
The new title, Kingdom II -- Shadoan, is the DVD-Video version of Rick Dyer's Tolkienesque adventure soon to be released worldwide by Digital Versatile Disc, Ltd.
Gibb Street's walls are painted vivid colours, Tawny Gray's Tolkienesque Green Man living statue towers out of the side of a building - when it is so magnificent it ought to be hanging off the Central Library - and there are lots of flea market stalls populated by traders with broad smiles.
As my sister-in-law's quest to find a Spiderman Flip-n-Trap starts to take on Tolkienesque challenges, I am on standby to convey the sad news to my five-year-old nephew that Santa's elves have scoured the planet in vain for the last one.
Gianni's emotional and self-analytical journey is paralleled with the quest of the Tolkienesque fantasyland adventurer hero (Sebastiano Moise) from his books, who assumes the form of the protagonist as a child.
Eventually leaving the grim, Tolkienesque planet, the unmanned ship floats off into deepest space, recalling the proto-Surrealistic visions of Gustave Dore or Jules Verne.