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Tolkien, J. R. R.

(John Ronald Reuel Tolkien) (täl`kēn, tōl`–), 1892–1973, British novelist, b. South Africa. A fantasy writer and Oxford don, Tolkien wrote The Hobbit (1937), adapted from stories he told his children. Some of the characters from The Hobbit reappear in The Lord of the Rings (1954–55), a trilogy in which he details the life, history, and cosmology of the mythological Middle Earth, and for which he invented several languages, most notably Elvish. He was also a respected medieval scholar.


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There are hiking trails across this strange Tolkienesque landscape where the live Mount Ruapehu volcano belches smoke like a fiery dragon.
Alternatively, for many Britons medieval times are not far removed from rune-reading, New Age magic and Tolkienesque fantasy.
"However," he adds firmly, "they will see the two of them kiss, I think, and certainly embrace and hug." As far as Tolkienesque romance goes, that's it.
He said: 'We have started looking at prospective artists who would actually have a feel and a flavour for something which is Tolkienesque.
As I read Cixous's words, I remembered my own words which appeared in a post to an Internet email list a couple days before, my feeling of writing myself into existence instead of writing myself out of existence, which I did so often when I was younger when my writing consisted of daydreams and fantasy, tolkienesque. The characters I created were a way of being someone other than who I am.
He also wrote a number of "Tolkienesque" works in the fantasy science-fiction genre for juvenile readers.
"Even as he weaves his 'make-believe' world, afflicted by rank bigotry, blackouts and even magic e-mail, Williams simultaneously delivers moments of grandeur and potency that fit snugly into a Tolkienesque tradition," noted Salon.
Based on a hugely popular online video game, it's set in an extraodinarily designed Tolkienesque world of humans, orcs, dwarves, elves and wizards.
The plots of mythopoeic fantasy "must end happily" (Oziewicz 87), but in a Tolkienesque rather than Hollywood fashion.
But 43-year-old Mrs Busst has put the idea of dropping her Hs to SZC lawyers, who are putting similar pressure on Southampton pub The Hobbit, which has Tolkienesque decor and serves cocktails with names such as Bilbo, Gandalf and Frodo, "I've asked if taking the H off our name would be okay and if they would help with the costs," she said.
Offering a gigantic, Tolkienesque playground for you to explore and interact with, it offered an adventure more engrossing than any other title released this year.
The beautifully drawn dragon eggs inside the front cover and the freshly hatched baby dragons inside the back cover are indicative of the quality of the book's illustrations which are dreamy and evoke stirrings of Tolkienesque dragons, mystical places and distant lands.