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toll road:

see turnpiketurnpike,
road paid for partly or wholly by fees collected from travelers at tollgates. It derives its name from the hinged bar that prevented passage through such a gate until the toll was paid. See also road.
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On 11 July, a 35-year-old Croatian man drove into a car with a Hungarian number plate without slowing down at the Sveti Ivan Zelina (Szentivanzelina) toll booth of Croatia's A4 motorway, causing serious injuries to the members of the Hungarian minority family in the stationary vehicle.
The toll booths on the Prince of Wales bridge have been removed ROB BROWNE
Paris [France], Dec 19 ( ANI ): The 'yellow vest' protestors have vandalized toll booths and occupied highways across France, as demonstrations continue in the nation despite concessions given by President Emmanuel Macron to defuse the situation.
That could include the removal of the barriers and use of Advanced Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), meaning all motorists could drive straight through the toll booths and pay online for their journey later.
THOUSANDS of people travel through the Mersey tunnels every day - but what's it like working in the toll booths? Whether it's sorting the right change out for commuters or helping out drivers who have broken down near the toll plaza, Merseytravel staff are on hand to deal with all manner of problems.
'Expect about a 40 minute delay from Damansara towards the Sg Buloh toll as several toll booths have been temporarily closed due to a power outage,' read the tweet.
Under the new payment scheme, which was implemented early this week, motorists should stop at two toll booths: the payment booth and the new toll booth where they will surrender their payment slips.
Under the new toll collection system, motorists would stop at two toll booths: the payment booth and the new toll booth where they would surrender their payment slips.
The MCD toll booths have been placed at the narrowest stretch on the flyway.
"The alternative would have a serious impact on traffic congestion at toll booths on some of our busiest motorways, posing a major headache for commuters and hauliers.