Tolpuddle Martyrs

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Tolpuddle Martyrs,

name given to six English agricultural laborers who in 1834 were prosecuted for trade union activities and sentenced to transportation. In 1833 these laborers, led by George and James Loveless (or Lovelace), formed a branch of the Friendly Society of Agricultural Laborers at Tolpuddle, in Dorset. With the approval of the Whig government, which feared a renewal of the agricultural agitation of 1831, they were arrested on the trumped-up charge of administering illegal oaths and were sentenced to seven years transportation to Australia. Public reaction throughout the country made the six into popular heroes, and the sentence was finally remitted in 1836 after continuous agitation. One of the six returned to Tolpuddle; the others emigrated to Canada.
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The Tolpuddle Boy is a wonderfully informative book which gives a very thorough account of the plight of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, how they came to be in the predicament which led to their transportation to Australia and what happened to them when they got there as well as after their eventual return to England.
Herbert Vere Evatt, The Tolpuddle Martyrs: Injustice within the Law, Sydney University Press, Sydney, 2009 (first published 1937).
He argues that, according to the prevailing law, the Tolpuddle martyrs were indeed guilty - not of trying to form a combination of workers but of swearing a secret oath (much as freemasons do at their lodge meetings).
[4] Which movement was inspired by the Tolpuddle Martyrs?
For what crime were the Tolpuddle Martyrs transported to Australia in 1834?
Over 160,000 convicts were transported here between 1787 and 1868, including the Tolpuddle Martyrs' founder, George Loveless.
ANYONE with an interest in British history is aware of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, a group of Dorset farm labourers who were transported to Australia in 1834.
Working people have always been forced to fight for their rights, from the days of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, to the failed establishment cover-up over Hillsborough.
Speaking at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in Dorset, Mr Corbyn said: "I'd rather they delayed that discussion until September because there will be a full attendance at meetings in September.
TWEETS OF THE DAY 1834: The six 'Tolpuddle Martyrs', who fought the decline of agricultural wages, were sentenced to seven years' transportation to Tasmania.
1834: The six 'Tolpuddle Martyrs' who fought the decline of agricultural wages were sentenced to seven years' transportation to Tasmania.
Her attack comes as union members gather this weekend to remember the sacrifice made by the Tolpuddle Martyrs.