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Tomatina (Tomato Battle)

Last week in August
Regardless of which legend one believes, what began in 1945 as a few tossed tomatoes as a show of disdain for the repressive Franco regime—or during a feud among friends—or by a fan unhappy with a musician's performance—has developed into full-fledged tomato warfare in Buñol, Valencia, Spain, during the last week in August. La Tomatina also happens to coincide with the town's patron saint festival, and while the tomato battle itself takes place on a Wednesday, the festivities last for a week.
Residents prepare for the impending food fight by protecting their storefronts and homes with plastic, donning special clothing, and imbibing alcohol. Thousands of pounds of tomatoes are trucked into town and dropped off at the Plaza del Pueblo, Buñol's main square, and the light-hearted battle commences. Although anyone is fair game when it comes to choosing a target, La Tomatina offers a good opportunity for males and females to meet and flirt with each other. This community-sanctioned tomato bath leaves both the festivalgoers and the streets covered with pulp, seeds, and juice, but after the cleanup, celebrants continue to enjoy the festival's fireworks, parades, food, and music.
The Institute of Tourism of Spain (Instituto de Turismo de Espana)
Jose Lazaro Galdiano, 6
Madrid, 28071 Spain
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Of course, when Miss or Sir has their back turned it's food fight time, often on a scale that makes La Tomatina (the Valencian tomato-throwing festival) look tame.
SAUCY: Tens of thousands of people stripped off their shirts and hurled truckloads of tomatoes at each other yesterday in the annual Tomatina fight, sending knee-deep rivers of tomato sauce down the streets of a small Spanish town.
The Tomatina Festival, or Battle of the Tomatoes, is for all fun-loving folk who enjoy hurling toms at each other.
I'm not really that worried," said one Tomatina reveller, Tess Papadopoulos, from Australia.
La Tomatina, the world's largest tomato-throwing festival, is held on the last Wednesday of August every year.
En fiestas de tomatina Mi taita vende la tierra, Con lo que se arma la guerra En medio del pasadizo.
Va sq At the nearby town of Bunol, the end of every August, there is La Tomatina, when the streets are full of locals and visitors hurling tomatoes at each other.
As soon as you hear the word La Tomatina, immediately tomato comes to your mind.
talking tomatoes Google celebrates the 70th anniversary |of La Tomatina festival with a juicy doodle: Tiny.
Some of the best ideas are to see all seven world wonders, to go to a tiger temple in Thailand, to see the northern lights, and to go to La Tomatina Festival in Spain.