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A sand or gravel bar or spit that connects an island with another island or an island with the mainland. Also known as connecting bar; tie bar; tying bar.
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one of the depositional forms of a shoreline. It is a low, narrow band of sand, gravel, or shell detritus that connects a nearby island with the shoreline. It is formed primarily as a result of beach and longshore drift.

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The prototypes presented result from a modification of the manual toothbrush Silver Care Plus (Piave Spa, Onara di Tombolo, PD, Italy) and the head Oral-B Precision Clean (Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH).
What is a tombolo? was stripped of his knighthood in 1979?
"The Mount," as the town is known, is situated on a tombolo connecting the mainland with the green slopes of Mount Maunganui.
The wind blew salty air at their faces, carried to their ears the arguments of the birds out on the thin tombolo, which connects the island to a large rock Henrik had been told was called Bull's Head.
The central part of the city lies on the plateau-like elevation from which Toompea Hill towers, connected with the rest of the plateau by a narrow neck (tombolo).
The Peninsula, with a tabular topography, represents an erosional surface that was submerged in times of high sea stands during the Pleistocene, and connected to the main land during cold phases or, as today, by a narrow sand tombolo during low sea stand phases.
* The Italy Detachment supported operation Ammunition Support with ammunition uploading at Tombolo Docks and Talamone Bay, Italy.
St Ninian's Isle, Shetland A large tombolo - a natural sand causeway with sea on either side - on the west coast of Shetland, linking the south mainland with the island.
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From a scientific standpoint, in the geomorphological field a natural asset can have a certain amount of importance, conferred by various scientific values (Panizza and Piacente, 1989): as a model of geomorphological evolution, e.g., a river meander in an alluvial plain (figure 1); as an object of educational exemplarity, such as a littoral tombolo (figure 2); as paleogeomorphological evidence, such as a river terrace or a glacial circus.
Winner: 445th Med Det (Vet Svc), Independence, MO Runner-up: Southern European Task Force (Augmentation) Unit, Tombolo, Italy
And in this same connection, such persons must also be moderate in their acquisitive tendencies, because an Egungun should not behave like a 'Tombolo'--a juvenile imitation of Egungun--who eats the freely supplied food until it defecates on itself ("Tombolo bolobolo, ojolele je moinmoin suara) (i.e.