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a plutonic rock similar in composition to quartzmica diorite. Tonalite is about 33 percent neutral plagioclase, about 16 percent quartz, about 26 percent the colored mineral hornblende, and about 20 percent the colored mineral biotite. Accessory minerals include apatite, zircon, and sphene. Tonalite is used as a building stone, in particular, as an ornamental stone.

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The Chilas complex in the Kiner Gah area comprises gabbronorites, kyanite-garnet bearing tonalites, pyroxene quartz diorites, granites and amphibolites.
3): Simplicite de la melodie (construite sur une simple tierce sol-mi), gamme diatonique et consonante, simplicite et stabilite de l'harmonie (degres I-IV-V-I), tonalite majeure (do majeur), mesure ternaire (a 6/8), balancement de l'accompagnement (main gauche comme une basse d'Alberti mesures 2-3), mouvement contraire, faibles nuances (piano).
Whole rock geochemical data from the gabbro/metagabbro and tonalite protolith, together with the metasomatic scapolite-bearing metagabbro and albitites, are presented in Table 2 and Figure 5.
Plus problematique est la forte tonalite empathique de l'auteur : Jaures semble toujours avoir montre la voie pour 1'avenir de la social-democratie, a la difference de la plupart de ses contemporains.
In addition, the company has also commenced Base-of-till sampling in March 2015 at the NE corner of the Kuittila tonalite. By 30 June 2015 about 930 samples have been collected from the area between Muurinsuo East and Korvilansuo, Pampalo East - Pampalo NW and Hosko North.
Stones belonging to the late cretaceous from the old to the newest includes Kgd2 (tonalite) and Kg2 (weathered granite).
Moreover, the low-grade metamorphic conditions during Chanic deformation and the presence of pre- and syn-orogenic granitoids (Carrizalito tonalite), early Carboniferous in age, indicate that this area forms part of the hinterland of the Chanic orogen.
The trace elements in the oldest zircons from Australia's Jack Hills range suggest that they came from granite-like rocks such as tonalite or granodiorite.
[beaucoup plus grand que] La ceremonie d'hommage a eu une tonalite ?cumenique avec la recitation de differentes prieres confessionnelles et une note festive avec l'interpretation par la communaute sud-africaine du chant religieux [beaucoup moins que] Amazing Grace [beaucoup plus grand que] dans la pure tradition gospel.