Tongass Conservation Society

Tongass Conservation Society (TCS)

Address:PO Box 23377
Ketchikan, AK 99901

Established: 1960s. Description:Dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of the many island forests of the Tongass in southeastern Alaska through protection of habitat from the pressures of industrial exploitation. Dues: $25/year ($35/year for families, $15/year for students/seniors).

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(241) Plaintiff-appellees included the Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, Natural Resources Defense Council, Tongass Conservation Society, Greenpeace, Inc., Wrangell Resources Council, the Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife, Cascadia Wildlands, and the Sierra Club.
"In a lot of respects, the way in which we manage the forest determines what kind of community we have," said Eric Hummel of the Tongass Conservation Society. "The information needs to go the other direction-in other words, from the community saying 'This is the kind of community we want to have' to 'How do we manage the forest to get there?'
It's a group of seasoned sparring partners that make up the steering committee for the collaborative stewardship project involving the controversial Cleveland Peninsula: the Alaska Forest Association, the Tongass Conservation Society, Ketchikan Pulp Co., a commercial fisherman, and in the background as adviser, the U.S.
Canterbury, who serves on the boards of the Tongass Conservation Society and the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, calls herself "a mainstream American" whom Young has chosen to ignore.