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, Fr. Tongres, commune (1991 pop. 29,451), Limburg prov., E Belgium. It is the trade center of the productive Hesbaye farm region. As a center of Gaul, it was a major Roman stronghold, flourishing in the reign of Tiberius (A.D. 14–37).
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, Belgium.
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This work investigates the possible existence of a Roman cadastre around the provincial Roman city of Tongres in Northern Gaul.
139 Squadron attacked a column of German troops near Tongres.
Den Haag, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 70 E 4 Fragmenta Tungrensia [Antiphoner fragments, twelfth to fourteenth century, Our Lady Collegiate Chapel, Tongres (Limbourg), Belgium].
On the other hand, there are now known to be Gravettian-age fossils at nearby Goyet (Polymesoda convexa and Granulolabium plicatum) that are probably from Oligocene beds near Tongres in Belgian Limburg (Lozouet & Gautier 1997), suggesting connections, at least at that time, between the upland cave area and the flintrich plains (also the location of the Gravettian site of Huccorgne between Goyet and Tongres).
Haselgrove reports on the results of a 10-year field programme which has traced the changing pattern of rural settlement, burial and associated depositional practices in the Aisne Valley from about 200 BC to AD 150 whilst Vanderhoeven considers the emergent urban landscape through a survey of recent excavations in Tongres, the Northern Gallic capital of the civitas Tungorum.