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, Fr. Tongres, commune (1991 pop. 29,451), Limburg prov., E Belgium. It is the trade center of the productive Hesbaye farm region. As a center of Gaul, it was a major Roman stronghold, flourishing in the reign of Tiberius (A.D. 14–37).
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, Belgium.
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Lutgard was born in 1182 in Tongres, Brabant, Belgium.
Finalmente en una estancia del sector 11 de Tongres, destruida por un incendio a finales del s.
This work investigates the possible existence of a Roman cadastre around the provincial Roman city of Tongres in Northern Gaul.
139 Squadron attacked a column of German troops near Tongres. Enemy fighters, however, shot down seven of the RAF aircraft, and since No.
Den Haag, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 70 E 4 Fragmenta Tungrensia [Antiphoner fragments, twelfth to fourteenth century, Our Lady Collegiate Chapel, Tongres (Limbourg), Belgium].
The programme will benefit the former mining area, mainly in the district of Hasselt, which is in social and economic decline and the rural region of Hesbaye in the district of Tongres. The priorities are: initiatives to promote private investment and employment (Euro 50.7 million of EU financing); optimising local economic conditions, infrastructure and environment (Euro 31.1 million); technical assistance (Euro 2.8 million).- East Flanders: EU financial aid worth Euro 13.6 million for neighbourhoods in Ghent and a rural zone in the north of the province.