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(design engineering)
Any of various devices for holding, handling, or lifting materials and consisting of two legs joined eccentrically by a pivot or spring.
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a tool in the form of lever pincers for clamping or securing materials or goods while working on them. There are joiners’, blacksmiths’, electricians’, and other types of tongs. Blacksmiths’ lever tongs appeared at the beginning of the Iron Age. They were probably preceded by pincer-like tongs used by metal-makers in the Bronze Age (for example, in Egypt). The specialization of the blacksmiths’ trade led to the appearance of specialized tongs, including ones with specially shaped jaws.

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Through trial and error, I discovered that my thin hair didn't need the tong held in place for long.
It was having none of it, and although the owner struggled to pull the tongs away, in a tug-of-war with a hungry python there's usually going to be one winner.
"After cooking with a standard silicone tong with little control and having food slide out, I realized the need for a better duo purpose type design that can grip anything, yet be safe for all cooking surfaces," says Mike Staib, vice president for Ergo Chef.
The CEO should not give Tong Tong special privileges as this would be unfair to the rest of the 64 workers who were retrenched too.
His partner had expressed an interest in the hair tongs, they had a seven-yearold daughter, and he wanted a Mother's Day present she could give to her mother
Patent tong data are absolute density data (numbers of oysters per unit area).
Dr Tong, who works at Inverclyde Royal Hospital in Greenock, was charged and a report has been submitted to the procurator fiscal.
The 19-year-old male student had been getting ready for a night out and had forgotten to switch his hair tongs off before leaving his room at 8pm on Saturday.
Other Emsa additions are an oval salad bowl to complement the Fit & Fresh tongs, an ergonomically designed cheese grater, four gadgets--spoon, pizza lifter/cutter, spatula and tongula--and new sports bottles.
The shop on Cowbridge Road East, Canton, couldn't serve the new product on Thursday because they weren't given the correct tongs to serve them with.
Anyhow, I met a hairdresser who told me that heated tongs, which smooth hair out, have affected business.
NPut hair into heated tongs or dry hair to get a ringlet effect.