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An electronic instrument that measures hydrostatic pressure within the eye: when placed in position, a tiny movable plate is pressed against the eye, flattening a circular section of the cornea (no eyeball anesthesia is required); a current is then sent through a small electromagnet, of such value that it will just pull the plate away from the eye; the value of the current is proportional to eye pressure; a measurement can be made in about 1 second; used in diagnosis of glaucoma. Also known as electronic tonometer.



an instrument for measuring pressure or tension—specifically, blood pressure in the arteries, intraocular pressure, and muscle tone or tension.

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Then, with the help of applanation tonometer, anesthetized cornea is contacted with a tonometer tip approximately 3.
07 Which statement is correct with regards to the tonometer that produces the mires shown in the image?
Comparison of Intraocular Pressure Measurements in Healthy Pediatric Patients using Three Types of Tonometers.
In addition to the US, the Icare HOME tonometer has been granted sales permits in all European countries and in Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Canada and China.
In addition, tonometry measurements vary according to the tonometer used and the examiner conducting the restraint (WHITACRE & STEIN, 1993).
There are various types of tonometers like Goldmann Applanation tonometer (GAT), Air Puff tonometer (APT), Perkin's tonometer, and Transpalpebral tonometer.
Goldmann applanation tonometer (GAT) is the "gold standard" for measuring IOP6.
The primary purpose of our study was to determine the agreement between the measurement of IOP by the TXL (suggested to be less affected by the cornea because of the small area of contact with the cornea while measuring IOP) and ORA (proposed to measure IOP independent of the corneal characters) with GAT, as a standard tonometer, in a group of aphakic glaucoma children with a CCT greater than 600 |j.
IOP was measured with Goldmann Applanation tonometer in both the groups.
Many authors have discussed the changes of IOP measured by various tonometer in the sitting and supine positions.
The tonometer measures the two pressure levels, then instantly computes the patient's OPA score.
IOP was measured with the standard Goldmann applanation tonometer at the same time every morning.