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A social networking web site based in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

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A social networking site that focuses on music, movies, celebrities and games. It enables members to create a blog, share music, videos and photos and communicate via instant messaging and email.

MySpace Was the Facebook of the Past
Founded in 2003 by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, it very quickly became the major social networking site on the Web. In 2005, it was acquired by News Corporation for more than a half billion dollars. Although it was the most visited site on the Web in 2006, within a couple years, MySpace was overtaken by Facebook and continued to decline. By mid-2011, the site had lost about 80% of its unique visitors, and the organization was sold to Specific Media for a fraction of the price paid by News Corp.

A New Focus on Music
Specific Media acquired the site in order to target it for music and entertainment. With the capital "S" dropped in its name (MySpace to Myspace), it is a venue that encourages musicians to upload their music and communicate with fans. The forums were dropped, but the sharing aspects were continued. See social networking service.
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Sort of a "top friends" on the go, it allows me to be selective about whom I consider friends (or significant professional contacts) versus acquaintances or social networking site trollers looking to beef up their contact lists.
Her career got a massive legup when Lily Allen put Kate in her 'Top Friends' on her MySpace page, immediately propelling her to a wider audience.
Her career got a massive leg-up when Lily Allen put Kate in her "Top Friends" on her MySpace page, immediately propelling her to a wider audience.
He admitted they were never bosom buddies and added: "You can't really be top friends with actors if you are a director."
Top job, top bloke, top family, top friends - top life.
The optional application "Top Friends", which you can add to your page to rank your pals in ascending order and so mortally offend those who are listed low down or, worse, do not appear at all, is the thin end of the wedge.
"I've got a MySpace page too and Freddie Mercury is one of my top friends. I don't know how that can be because he's dead.
Her page on the social networking site Facebook listed both Mr Freeman and Mr Dooher as among her "top friends".
Her laidback, chatty "whatevah" attitude has inevitably drawn comparisons with Lily Allen - who made Kate one of her top friends on the networking website MySpace.