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see stupastupa
[Sanskrit,=mound], Buddhist monument in tumulus, or mound, form, often containing relics. The words tope and dagoba are synonymous, though the latter properly refers only to a Sinhalese Buddhist stupa.
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stupa, tope

stupa topped by a chattravali
A Buddhist memorial mound, erected to enshrine a relic or to commemorate a sacred site; consists of an artificial mound, raised on a platform and surrounded by an outer ambulatory with a stone railing and four gateways, crowned by a multiple sunshade.


1. a small grey requiem shark, Galeorhinus galeus, of European coastal waters
2. any of various other small sharks
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Caption: Using Topas COC, Taghleef Industries introduced its polyolefin TDS film that is clear and floatable with up to 65% shrinkage.
Evaluations have also shown that Topas COC elastomers can be used as modifiers for COC in multi-layer film formulations that require greater toughness and enhanced sustainability.
The refractive indices of the Topas and elastomers were measured with the Metricon 2010 thin film analyzer (Metricon Corp.
Issuers January February March I II Bakrieland 200 175 115 150 Bayu Buana 425 450 425 425 Bumi Modern 225 350 300 275 Hotel Prapatan 650 425 400 400 Hotel Sahid Jaya 500 425 425 400 Jakarta Stiabudi -- 1,100 1,100 1,100 Mas Murni 150 150 125 125 Plaza Indonesia 1,650 1,700 1,700 1,700 Pudjiadi & Soon 1,050 1,025 1,025 1,025 Sona Topas 1,200 1,025 1,025 1,050 Composite stock price index 636.
Topas COC delivers broad global regulatory compliance for both healthcare and food-contact applications, and is available in a number of grades to meet specific processing and end-use requirements.
Epidarex Capital, EMBL Ventures and Gimv participated together with Evotec in the EUR14m Series A round of Topas Therapeutics GmbH.
Visitors to the REDC and Topas booth will discover how Ricoh helps customers to open new worlds of opportunity to optimise and grow their business.
This is an important milestone for the TOPAs consortium on the path towards full platform validation, which begins during next year, said Boris Kantsepolsky, business development manager, Motorola Solutions Israel and TOPAs project coordinator.
COC grades most commonly extruded into film and used in multilayer structures are Topas 9506F-04 (Tg: 68 C) and Topas 8007F-400 (Tg: 78 C).
com) that uses Topas cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) in its multilayer, coextruded fabrication, is said to exhibit soft shrink at temperatures from 150[degrees]F to 400[degrees]F with no loss of strength.
Session 6 on PVC and Polyolefins in Healthcare will include the following presentations: "PVC in medical applications--an overview," John Svalander, ECVM, Belgium; "Dedicated polyolefins for the healthcare industry," Dirk Matthijs, Borealis Polymers NV, Belgium; and "Cycloolefin-copolymers: An innovative, transparent plastic material for applications in medical and diagnostic," Michael Grimm, Topas Advanced Polymers GmbH, Germany.