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topic map

A collection of "topics", their relationships, and information sources. A topic map captures the subjects of which information sources speak, and the relationships between them, in a way that is implementation independent.

A topic is a symbol within the computer that represents something in the world such as the play Hamlet, the playwright William Shakespeare, or the "authorship" relationship.

Topics can have names. They can also have occurrences, that is, information resources that are considered to be relevant in some way to their subject. Topics can play roles in relationships.

Thus, topics have three kinds of characteristics: names, sources, and roles played in relationships. The assignment of such characteristics is considered to be valid within a certain scope, or context.

Topic maps can be merged. Merging can take place at the discretion of the user or application (at runtime), or may be indicated by the topic map's author at the time of its creation.
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Then in order to explore what does what in an oil spill, they present a topic map that has both the function of an ontology and the function of organizing information resources.
A simple example of a topic map is illustrated in a "gentle" introduction to the subject on
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In fact, we're currently developing a topic map solution for a national defense agency that will enable the agency's analysts to turn raw data into timely, actionable intelligence reports.
Other examples included Astronomy Journal, which uses a Self-Organized Topic Map, and HighWire Press, which uses a topic map to provide a visual sense of context.
RDF and OWL technology however Topic Map technology has attracted very little attention of researchers in the field.
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The paper "Animating Civic Education: Developing a Knowledge Navigation System using Blogging and Topic Map Technology", by Tien-Chi Huang, Chia-Chen Chen, presents an attempt to integrate educational blog articles and to use the wealth of information inherent in the development of a blogging system with knowledge navigation demand for both formal and informal learning in civic education in high schools.
The Topic map works as semantic web to find the nodes keeping the information most relevant to the user request.
One of suggested solutions, which allow presenting various associations between economical ratios, is the standard of topic map. This solution is a relatively new form of presentation of knowledge, which puts emphasis on data semantics and ease of finding desired information (e.g.