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topic map

A collection of "topics", their relationships, and information sources. A topic map captures the subjects of which information sources speak, and the relationships between them, in a way that is implementation independent.

A topic is a symbol within the computer that represents something in the world such as the play Hamlet, the playwright William Shakespeare, or the "authorship" relationship.

Topics can have names. They can also have occurrences, that is, information resources that are considered to be relevant in some way to their subject. Topics can play roles in relationships.

Thus, topics have three kinds of characteristics: names, sources, and roles played in relationships. The assignment of such characteristics is considered to be valid within a certain scope, or context.

Topic maps can be merged. Merging can take place at the discretion of the user or application (at runtime), or may be indicated by the topic map's author at the time of its creation.
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Topic maps have their roots in traditional finding aids such as back-of-book indexes, glossaries, and thesauri.
As a result, it is considered as a weak point in process of Topic Maps self-population.
Like faceted classification permits (see (Buckland 1998)), Topic Maps represent topic classification under "scope", i.
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George Kondrach, executive vice president of Innodata Isogen, a supplier of content supply chain solutions, says the difficulties in large-scale intelligence agency computer projects is not always based on technical difficulties, such as a poor performing software program, but cultural behaviors and the way in which information is shared: "The information management challenge may appear bleak, but many agencies could overcome fundamental content supply chain problems by turning to topic maps.
OASIS produces worldwide standards for security, Web services, XML conformance, business transactions, electronic publishing, topic maps and interoperability within and between marketplaces.
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