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topic map

A collection of "topics", their relationships, and information sources. A topic map captures the subjects of which information sources speak, and the relationships between them, in a way that is implementation independent.

A topic is a symbol within the computer that represents something in the world such as the play Hamlet, the playwright William Shakespeare, or the "authorship" relationship.

Topics can have names. They can also have occurrences, that is, information resources that are considered to be relevant in some way to their subject. Topics can play roles in relationships.

Thus, topics have three kinds of characteristics: names, sources, and roles played in relationships. The assignment of such characteristics is considered to be valid within a certain scope, or context.

Topic maps can be merged. Merging can take place at the discretion of the user or application (at runtime), or may be indicated by the topic map's author at the time of its creation.
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Applications based on RDF and Topic Maps can store and organize knowledge in a better way and manage large repositories in an efficient manner.
The software AToM, based on Topic Maps (TM) concept, is briefly characterized, its principles of operation are described and now some details of functional possibilities are added in this chapter.
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The similar topic maps are merged resulting into an integrated one during the execution of topic map merger process.
--once the topic maps have been built, a user can easily merge data from one topic map to another;
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Thus, Fuzzzy "enables global distributed tagging." The organic tag set of Fuzzzy is built upon the Topic Map ISO standard and an underlying infrastructure with Web Services.
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The solution uses NetworkedPlanet's TMCore topic maps technology to link together more than 30,000 documents, consisting of more than 300,000 Web pages from 17 ministries.
With the integration of topic maps, all related terms and categories will now be presented in the form of a tag cloud, and users can click on a word in the cloud to refine the query.