tortoiseshell cat

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tortoiseshell cat:

see catcat,
name applied broadly to the carnivorous mammals constituting the family Felidae, and specifically to the domestic cat, Felis catus. The great roaring cats, the lion, tiger, and leopard are anatomically very similar to one another and constitute the genus
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It will carry us on to Torby, and we can land there, and get some carriage, and hurry on to York and then to Scotland,--and never pause a moment till we are bound to each other, so that only death can part us.
She sat down again covered with the cloak, and Stephen took to his oars again, making haste; for they must try to get to Torby as fast as they could.
You are fatigued, and it may soon rain; it may be a wretched business, getting to Torby in this boat.
"I was trying to make for Torby. But I'm afraid of the weather; and this lady--my wife--will be exhausted with fatigue and hunger.
What was your altitude crossing TORBY on the ILS into Teterboro?
His focus this time is the prison ships, Packhorse and Torby, anchored off Charleston and notorious for the oppressive confinement of prisoners as Charleston and Augusta surrendered to the Patriots in 1780 and 1781.
The head of the RAF, Air Chief Marshal Sir Glenn Torby, has already demanded an explanation of what happened over that trip - and who authorised it.
Johnson reveals the little-known episode of Grand Duke Mikhail and Countess Torby's tenancy (she being Pushkin's granddaughter) at Keele Hall in Staffordshire between 1901 and 1910.
Stand-alone architectural plants can also create a stunning impact at this time of year, including phormium hybrids and the striking red-purple Cordyline australis Torby Red.
100 Years Ago The Countess Torby, who was accompanied by her husband, the Grand Duke Michael of Russia, yesterday opened a sale of work at Longton, in aid of the Potteries Crippled Guild, an institution founded by the Duchess of Sutherland.
He was followed by WWII's Howard Torby. Carole Aktinson and Fred Bowman represented the Korean War, while Hens and Paul Puskar held down the fort for Vietnam vets.