Torngat Mountains

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Torngat Mountains,

N Labrador, N.L., Canada, northernmost range of the Laurentian Plateau, between the Atlantic coast and the Quebec border, extending c.120 mi (190 km) north-south and rising to 5,160 ft (1,573 m) in Cirque Mt.

Torngat Mountains


a mountain massif in the northeastern part of Labrador, Canada. The mountains constitute a greatly elevated region of the Laurentian Upland, rising to a maximum elevation of 1,676 m. They are composed of ancient crystalline rocks and are deeply cut by trough valleys. The vegetation includes arctic and typical tundra species.

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A good example of the experimental implementation style, with its emphasis on strong actor congruence and weak provision coherence, is the dispute related to the Labrador Inuit Park Impacts and Benefit Agreement (IBA) and the management of archaeological materials and sites in the Torngat Mountains National Park.
In addition to the submission, the Honourable Perry Trimper, Minister of Environment and Conservation and MHA for Lake Melville, and Randy Edmunds, MHA for Torngat Mountains, participated in a Defence Policy Review consultation on July 25 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and advocated for expanding the operational mandate for 5 Wing Goose Bay as well as improved search and rescue in the province.
Established in 2006, Torngat Mountains Base Camp Project was created to facilitate ease of access and enjoyment for visitors, while maintaining a cost-effective, authentic and reliable system for researchers engaged in scientific and archaeological work.
His chosen field area was the Torngat Mountains, then extremely isolated; his subject, the glacial history and geomorphology of northeastern Labrador-Ungava.
The steep peaks of the Torngat Mountains sliced down to the cold water of the fjord below.
This article explores three continents as case studies: Eastern Africa's Maasai Mara, Australia's Uluru-Kata Tuta site and the Torngat Mountains National Reserve Park in Canada.
Also, the Torngat Mountains in Canada are the highest on the East Coast in North America, towering more than 3,000 feet above Acadia's Mt.
Le 23 juillet, la Force constabulaire royale de Terre-Neuve a accuse Wally Andersen, depute de Torngat Mountains, de fraude, d'emploi d'un document contrefait et d'abus de confiance.
For those who are extremely serious about trophy racks, Labrador Outdoors offers a one-week hunt in the Torngat Mountains from the Justin Lake camp.
It was the final day of my two-week hunt in the Torngat Mountains of Quebec and probably the final chapter in my three years of adventure in this remote corner of North America.
An inventory and topographic analysis of the glaciers of the Torngat Mountains, northern Labrador, Canada.