Torpedo Tube

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Torpedo Tube


a device aboard ships that is used for storing and launching torpedoes. The diameter and length of a torpedo tube correspond to the caliber of the torpedo to be launched.

A torpedo tube contains special locking devices and guides that hold the torpedo in its traveling position. The external part of the tube is equipped with devices for data input from the fire control system, for switching on the motor of a launched torpedo, and for servicing torpedoes in their traveling position.

The torpedo tubes of submarines are fixed; the tubes of surface ships, as a rule, rotate. The torpedoes are launched by compressed air, that is, pneumatically, or by water expelled from special tanks by compressed air, that is, hydropneumatically. A submarine has two to ten torpedo tubes, and a surface ship has one to five tubes.

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In December 2006, MBDA received the notification from the French Defence Ministry's Delegation Generale pour l'Armament (DGA) regarding the development and production of 250 Scalp Navals (as it is more commonly referred to), although the contract was later reduced to 200 missiles worth [euro]1.13 billion, with 150 units to be employed from the vertical launching system (VLS) of the Aquitaine class of ships that are also known as the Fremm frigates, while the other 50 were allocated for launch from the Nato-standard 553 mm torpedo tubes of the new Barracuda class of nuclear-powered attack submarines.
The Klub-S is to be fired from 533mm torpedo tubes (the ship also has 650mm torpedo tubes).
There's even pumped water, not least as a sound effect of the invasion of the sea into Thetis's interior through an open unchecked torpedo tube and bow cap door.
A case of Hollywood taking a top telly talent, feeding it some limp lines and firing it out of a torpedo tube.
The ship is armed with two 76mm Oto Melara automatic guns, two Oto Breda 40mm light cannons, two triple torpedo tubes and surveillance systems like radar and sonar.
The North's launcher has two torpedo tubes while the South's Hyunmoo-2A and 2B launchers have one tube.
67.2m 384mphTOP SPEED..20mph 1,120 miles..RANGE..9,800 miles .ARMAMENT.8.8cm SK C/35 naval gun, anti-aircraft guns, five torpedo tubes and 14 torpedoes Molins "6-pounder" 57mm anti-tank cannon plus two 7.7mm Browning machine guns
So it was decided to open the torpedo tubes to allow a correcting balance of water to flow into her.
This included four 21--inch torpedo tubes and 20 depth charges.
They have two torpedo tubes and are designed to work in the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf.