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1. a high hill, esp a bare rocky one
2. Chiefly southwestern Brit a prominent rock or heap of rocks, esp on a hill
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An isolated, rough pinnacle or rocky peak.
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(The Onion Routing protocol) A method for transmitting data anonymously over the Internet by routing messages through a decentralized network. Tor is like a VPN (virtual private network), except that all data is relayed through three or more servers rather than just one, and both source and destination addresses of the packets are never available to any single server. The worldwide Tor network comprises thousands of Tor servers (Tor nodes) that are run by volunteers. See VPN and I2P.

Tor Is "Onion" Routing
While Tor can be used to retrieve any website, all the sites on the Dark Web use the .onion domain, and Tor is used to access them. See Dark Web.

Tor is a modified Firefox browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. When run, it sets up a connection to the Tor network, and all Web requests are re-routed to hide their identity. For routing details, see onion routing.

Government Initiated
In the 1990s, Tor was initially explored at the U.S. Naval Research Lab (NRL), and in 2002, it was released under a free and open source license. Within a year, there were a dozen nodes. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (see EFF) funded development, and the Tor Project became a nonprofit in 2006.

Tor is extremely beneficial for people in countries with information restrictions. During the Arab Spring, Tor gave people in Middle Eastern countries access to blocked websites. Although there are circuitous ways to get around it, the Chinese continue to block Tor entry and exit points. For more information, visit See anonymous Web surfing and Freenet.

The Tor Home Page in 2020
An imaginative plea for donations during a pandemic, the analogy is rather accurate.

The Tor Logo
An onion is part of the Tor logo, because onion routing "peels apart the encrypted layers of the message" like an onion. See onion routing.
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"Here," Tor says, holding a jar of the cannabidiol (CBD) lotion he manufactures in his Tor Salon Products lab in Mundelein, "is the product my grandma asked me to make when I was 17."
According to the ToR proposed by the government, 'the parliamentary committee shall hold an inquiry to determine that the Election Commission organised and conducted the general elections 2018 honestly, justly, fairly and in accordance with the law'
An official who is privy to the information said that the ToR of the committee clearly indicated that the PM wanted amendments to KP act in order to keep the government's influence on the police instead making it operationally independent.
Opposition members of the committee informed that they have given the written ToRs to the chairman of the technical committee Shafqat Mahmood but the treasury members of the committee have yet to furnish the same.
In April, SSGC and KW and SB were taken up before the federal cabinet committee on energy under the chairmanship of former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who vide their decision dated April 23, 2018 and resolved that ToRs for reconciliation of the dues between SSGC and KE as well as KW and SB will be finalised within fifteen days, whereas such process would be supervised by the adviser to prime minister.
A standard TOR for security services was recently finalized and will be implemented starting January 2018 in all the agency's offices nationwide.
IDA had previously extended the period of receiving applications and requests by investors, according to the TORs to 31 May.
"TORS allows surgeons to completely remove tumours of the head and neck while preserving speech, swallowing, and other key quality of life issues such as eating.
The opposition proposed its point with regard to ToRs.
At the meeting, both the government and the opposition remained firm with their own drafts of the TORs.
ISLAMABAD -- In what seems to be a part of the pressurizing tactics, and continuation of the campaign against QAU VC Javed Ashraf, the Academic Staff Association (ASA) has threatened to launch a protest against the VC again for what they termed repeated violations of TORS of the committee by the VC.
Islamabad -- Minister for Information Pervaiz Rashid has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan does not want formation of Terms of Reference (ToRs) to probe Pananma Leaks issue.