Torsion Bar

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torsion bar

[′tȯr·shən ‚bär]
(mechanical engineering)
A spring flexed by twisting about its axis; found in the spring suspension of truck and passenger car wheels, in production machines where space limitations are critical, and in high-speed mechanisms where inertia forces must be minimized.
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Torsion Bar


a bar that operates by twisting and acts as a spring. Torsion bars are manufactured from heat-treated steel, which tolerates great torsional stress and twisting through large angles (tens of degrees). They are used mainly in vehicle suspensions and multistage reducers to equalize the torque between parallel gears.

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We define the load stiffness K as the torque caused by a unit angle of the torsion bar spring.
This research builds double wishbone torsion bar suspension system and steering system in the ADAMS/Car standard mode.
Caption: This cutaway drawing of a Piranha 10x10 shows the combination of trailing arms and torsion bars for the fixed axles and MacPherson struts on the steered axles.
The Scallion features Kershaw's patented Speed-Safe torsion bar technology for smooth assisted opening.
A new austempered ductile iron torsion bar adjuster concept also has been developed.
The Torsion Bar Tailgate design is patented by WOTCO.
Opt for the two feebler carry-over powerplants - the 1.33-litre petrol unit or the 1.4-litre D-4D diesel - and you get a simpler torsion bar suspension set-up.
All trailers have torsion bar axles, aluminum wheels, a top wind tongue jack, and optional top, front or rear storage as well as water tanks and LED lighting.
It features a suspension setup with a solid torsion bar to the front and semi elliptical leaf spring to the rear.