Torsion Bar

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torsion bar

[′tȯr·shən ‚bär]
(mechanical engineering)
A spring flexed by twisting about its axis; found in the spring suspension of truck and passenger car wheels, in production machines where space limitations are critical, and in high-speed mechanisms where inertia forces must be minimized.

Torsion Bar


a bar that operates by twisting and acts as a spring. Torsion bars are manufactured from heat-treated steel, which tolerates great torsional stress and twisting through large angles (tens of degrees). They are used mainly in vehicle suspensions and multistage reducers to equalize the torque between parallel gears.

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McPherson strut suspension on the front and Torsion Beam suspension on the rear ensure admirable stability and advanced ride comfort.
Most bumps and holes are soaked up by the car's front McPherson strut and rear torsion beam suspension, and while there is a bit of body roll to be felt on corners, it is no more than can be expected on a small budget-priced vehicle.
Most bumps and holes are soaked up by the front McPherson strut and rear torsion beam suspension.
To improve space and flexibility in the rear, Honda have used a torsion beam suspension from the Civic fivedoor.
Torsion beam suspension in the rear wiith struts at the front, all said to be a bit sporting in its fine tuning.
On the roadAudi A2 TDI SE Price: pounds 15,450 Insurance group: Six Mechanical details: Turbo charged three-cylinder 1422cc 75bhp diesel engine, five-speed, electrohydraulic power steering, anti-locking disc/drum brakes with force assistance, traction and stability control, front struts and rear torsion beam suspension Dimensions: Length 3.
Ford has put in a MacPherson and torsion beam suspension setup and claims that it has been strengthened and stiffened.