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A deformity of the neck resulting from contraction of the cervical muscles or fascia. Also known as wryneck.



or wryneck, a deformity of the neck caused by a unilateral tension of the muscles and soft tissues of the neck, or by distortion of the neck region of the spine; it is accompanied by improper position of the head. Congenital torticollis is a result of improper intrauterine development or birth trauma; acquired torticollis appears after injury or burns or as a result of inflammation of the muscles or lymph glands of the neck.

The head is inclined to the side of the affected muscle, the occiput approaches the shoulder on that side, and the chin is turned and raised toward the opposite side. Head movements, especially lateral ones, are substantially limited. If there has been no timely treatment, such secondary deformities as asymmetry of the face and skull and deformation of the spine are added to the basic deformity. Torticollis is treated by an orthopedic physician.


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Two-thirds of them also experienced flat spots on their heads called plagiocephaly, which commonly occurs in babies with torticollis and is related to spending too much time lying down in one position.
Spasmus nutans is a rare, idiopathic paroxysmal disorder that consists of nod, nystagmus, and torticollis.
Discussion: Spasmus nutans is a rare benign disease, characterized by head nodding, torticollis and rapid, asymmetric, low-amplitude nystagmus.
Teaching tape for the motor section of the Torornto Western Spasmodic Torticollis Scale.
Physiotherapists reported using counter positioning and tummy time, included gross motor exercises, stretches if torticollis was present with ten referring to orthotists for helmet therapy or to community physiotherapists.
She had isolated pain in the cervical neck, with a combination of torticollis, a typical cock robin position of the head, and motion-related pain in the cervical neck with loss of range of motion to the left side (Video 1 in Supplementary Material available online at http://dx.
Clinical signs included torticollis, head tilt, and incoordination, and during an initial 8-day period, approximately 30-40 fatalities occurred per day.
Fetal malformations such as torticollis, facial asymmetry, malformation of limbs, flattening of the head and thorax, etc.
According to Grasell, who is a certified paediatric medical massage therapist from the Institute of Regenerative Medicine in Moscow, specially tailored infant massage and gymnastics sets can be an effective aid to reduce and totally solve common baby problems such as umbilical hernia, torticollis, flat feet, curvature of legs, congenital dislocation of the hip and obstetrical paralysis.
At least five episodic syndromes in children can precede pediatric and adult migraine, including infant colic, benign paroxysmal torticollis, benign paroxysmal vertigo, abdominal migraine, and cyclical vomiting syndrome, said Dr.
Infants were excluded if they had very severe PSD or skull deformity from another cause, such as torticollis or craniosynostosis.