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1. Maths an expression consisting of a single term, such as 5ax
2. consisting of a single algebraic term
3. Biology of, relating to, or denoting a taxonomic name that consists of a single term
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the simplest type of algebraic expression considered in elementary algebra. A product consisting of a numerical coefficient and one or several variables, each with some integral positive exponent, is called a monomial. An individual numeral without literal factors is also called a monomial. Examples of monomials are –5ax3, + a3c3xy, –7, + x3 and –a. In these examples, the coefficient +1 is implicit for the monomials +a3c3xy and +x3 and the coefficient –1 is implicit for the monomial –a.

In older algebra textbooks, an algebraic expression in which the last operation in the order of operations is not addition or subtraction is sometimes called a monomial. In this case, for example, the expressions 2(a + b) and x/(y + 1) are called monomials. However, even textbooks that start out by using this definition usually subsequently treat monomials in the narrower sense given above.

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A polynomial of degree one.
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From Table 6.1, in the first part it takes 3 hours and 12 minutes for the total degree homotopy when n = 10, while the time taken in the second part (the extension homotopy) is 1 hour and 26 minutes.
For arguments of total degree 0 (i.e., all taking values in [X.sub.0]), it reads
Based on the presented solutions, the time history of the average total degree of consolidation of composite foundation of section k60 + 730 in this engineering application can be computed as shown in Figure 5.
Nodes are scaled by total degree centrality, with higher centrality represented by larger diameter nodes.
At the same time, toxic investment entered the discourse as an M metaphor, ranking low on both total degree centrality and betweenness centrality.
This final adjustment in Table 4 is the second largest and the most tentative, and its inclusion makes the final adjusted total degree count equally tentative.
We can also use the following objective function (20) to calculate the total degree of satisfaction instead of expressions (11)-(13):
In this section, a simple model developed by Schwarz and Neithalath [21] to acquire the change in [w.sub.n] content due to the incorporation of MIRHA or filler is detailed, and this information will be used to extract the total degrees of hydration of the FC incorporating MIRHA or replacement material can be showed as
(ii) From Corollary 5, for 0 < [alpha], [beta] < 1, we can easily find that if [q.sub.0] - [q.sub.1] - 1/2, the total degree sequence [P.sub.k] follows power law with the exponent 2 + (1 + [delta] + [beta])/[alpha]; otherwise, [P.sub.k] is a linear combination of two different power law distributions.
COMMENT: Page 14 Dole claimants: 1,216 People on dole for more than a year: 265 Number of young dole claimants: 310 Average pay: PS38,385 Percentage of people with no qualifications or skills: 6.4% Total degree level qualifications: 28,100 Average property price: PS444k Top school has a 100% pass rate for A-levels THE leafy Maidenhead constituency of Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May lies in the rural Berkshire commuter belt just a 20-minute train ride from London's Paddington Station.
The total degree of v is defined as the number of distinct vertices u having (u, v) [member of] E or (v, u) [member of] E.

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