danse macabre

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danse macabre:

see Death, Dance ofDeath, Dance of,
or danse macabre
, originally a 14th-century morality poem. The poem was a dialogue between Death and representatives of all classes from the Pope down. By the 15th cent., pictorial representation with verses illustrating the pictures became common.
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danse macabre

Dance of Death; procession of all on their way to the grave. [Art: Osborne, 299–300, 677]
See: Death

Danse Macabre

Saint-Saëns’ musical depiction of a dance of the dead. [Music Hist.: Thompson, 1906]
See: Horror
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Respecto a la influencia del Expresionismo Aleman, quisimos concentrarnos en un solo artista, a sabiendas de que fueron muchos los que influenciaron la obra de Amighetti, ya que en el llegamos a encontrar una Danza de la Muerte que tiene parecido con la obra del artista costarricense: este artista es Ernst Barlach, el cual a traves de su vida realizo muchos trabajos relacionados a la muerte, e hizo en si muchas Danzas o Totentanz.
Arguably, moreover, the mere fact that the torture of Otho with a burning crown imitates "a known method of capital punishment in the Renaissance" (21) matters less than the way in which this detail transforms the Prince's monitory skeleton into a familiar image of King Death--thereby identifying Clois Hoffman, like Vindice in The Revenger's Tragedy, as the orchestrator of a perverted Totentanz.
26) The image of a naked standing infant, rather than a baby in a cradle, can also be found in a later Totentanz version of c.
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In medieval Germany, crowds gathered to take part in the Totentanz, in which Death played the part of dance caller and selected partners; man or woman, insatiably: the beautiful, the young, the poor, the ill-formed and the nobly born all had their turn.
In such works as Totentanz und Gedichte zur Zeit (1947; "Dance of Death and Poems of the Times") and Zukunftsmusik (1950; "Music of the Future"), she expressed an anguished, unflinching vision of the modern world that was nevertheless tempered by guarded feelings of optimism and hope.
Other disappointments at this sale included a most interesting manuscript of Liszt's Totentanz, and Stravinsky's orchestration of a Chopin Nocturne (in F, op.
By 1980 the railroads seemed to have come full circle in their totentanz with competition and regulation, and the trip had cost them dearly.
The way in which Loya blends detailed technical analyses and provocative poetic or programmatic insights in order to Uncover verbunkos elements in "La notte" and Totentanz is refreshing.
Made up of talented teenagers from all across the country, the group attempts to awaken new life in classical musicwith a programme that ranges from Jan[sz]cek's Sinfonietta and Berg's Violin Concerto to the diabolical rollercoasters of Liszt's Totentanz and Prokofiev's Scythian Suite.
Remarkably, the discussion of Letzte Tanze reveals the seemingly jaunty dancers and naked lovers as being akin to a latter-day Totentanz sequence.