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in the United States. In the New England states the town is the basic unit of local governmentlocal government,
political administration of the smallest subdivisions of a country's territory and population. Characteristics and Types

Although there are special-purpose local government bodies (e.g.
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. The New England town government's unique feature is the town meeting, much praised as a nearly pure form of democracy. At the annual meeting of voters, town officers are elected and local issues such as town tax rates are decided. Elsewhere in the United States the term town has little political use, signifying only a place incorporated as a town or simply a population center. However, township has legal meaning—a geographical division of the countycounty
[Fr., comté,=domain of a count], division of local government in the United States, Great Britain, and many Commonwealth countries. The county developed in England from the shire, a unit of local government that originated in the Saxon settlements of the 5th
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, established in land surveys and usually made up of 36 sections, each with roughly an area of 1 sq mi (2.6 sq km). Except in the Middle Atlantic states, townships are seldom units of local government.


A concentration of residential and related buildings surrounded by countryside; typically smaller than a city and larger than a village.


a. a densely populated urban area, typically smaller than a city and larger than a village, having some local powers of government and a fixed boundary
b. (as modifier): town life
2. a city, borough, or other urban area
3. (in the US) a territorial unit of local government that is smaller than a county; township
4. the nearest town or commercial district
5. London or the chief city of an area
6. the inhabitants of a town
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Town Centre Automobiles incorporates an award-winning new and used vehicle sales operation which includes a dedicated Motability and fleet department, as well as a comprehensive aftersales department offering all types of vehicle repair and body shop maintenance facilities.
He added: "It's working to make the town centre attractive to look at what we can do for empty shops.
Cllr Mark Pritchard, Wrexham council leader, said: "This is an exciting document that contains some innovative ways to see Wrexham town centre as a vibrant and diverse place to be.
TestTown has become the UK and Ireland's biggest accelerator programme for young entrepreneurs with fresh ideas for rejuvenating the country's town centres.
The scheme involves the construction of a new road which completes the missing link of the town centre ring road, serving proposed residential and mixed use development in the east of the town centre and changes to traffic circulation on the north side of the town centre.
Do they allow them to move out-of-town, which could threaten viability of future town centre schemes, or risk losing them to a competing town?
The committee also tackled the issue of vacant town centre properties, particularly unused floors above retailers, recommending incentives to property owners to let vacant properties.
ALEX Salmond has axed a pounds 60million fund to revive dying town centres.
We hope by extending the Free After Three scheme, it will continue to encourage more people to visit and take advantage of the town centre.
Coupled with the Town Centre Regeneration Framework, the event heralds an exciting phase for Sutton town centre.
Planning authorities are recommended to 'develop a hierarchy and network of centres'; assess the need for further town centre uses and ensure that there is capacity to accommodate them'; 'focus development in, and secure the expansion of, existing city, town and district centres'; and 'promote town centre management to improve and maintain town centres, including the evening economy'.
Apart from other factors, they have a heavy investment in town centre property, several times greater in value than their investment out of town.