Townsend plan

Townsend plan:

see under Townsend, Francis EverettTownsend, Francis Everett
, 1867–1960, American reformer, leader of an old-age pension movement, b. Fairbury, Ill., grad. Univ. of Nebraska medical school, 1903. He practiced medicine in several Western states before he settled (1919) at Long Beach, Calif.
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Roosevelt said at one point, "The Congress can't stand the pressure of the Townsend Plan unless we have a real old-age insurance system, nor can I face the country.
In the summer of 1936, the Townsend Plan was shaking society all across America, from sea to shining sea.
announced an Old Age Revolving Pensions Plan, popularly called the Townsend Plan, giving all those over 60 years of age $200 to spend.
SUE TOWNSEND plans to return retail chain Ethel Austin to its North West roots and breathe new life into the oncefamous high street name.
PHOTO : More than a comedian, Townsend plans to expand his production company to help fulfill the hopes of other Black actors, producers and artists.
of Townsend plans to build the 24-unit development on 20.