Towton Field

Towton Field

(tou`tən), North Yorkshire, N England, near Tadcaster. It was the scene (1461) of a bloody and decisive battle in which the forces of Edward IVEdward IV,
1442–83, king of England (1461–70, 1471–83), son of Richard, duke of York. He succeeded to the leadership of the Yorkist party (see Roses, Wars of the) after the death of his father in Wakefield in 1460.
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 defeated the Lancastrians. See Roses, Wars of theRoses, Wars of the,
traditional name given to the intermittent struggle (1455–85) for the throne of England between the noble houses of York (whose badge was a white rose) and Lancaster (later associated with the red rose).

About the middle of the 15th cent.
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See study by G. Goodwin (2011).

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