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Toynbee Hall:

see Barnett, Samuel AugustusBarnett, Samuel Augustus
, 1844–1913, English clergyman and social worker. As vicar of St. Jude's, Whitechapel, in the slums of London, he pioneered in the social settlement movement.
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Profumo worked unpaid at Toynbee Hall in the East End and was given the CBE in 1975; he became a tragic hero.
He worked unpaid at Toynbee Hall in East London, with alcoholics and the homeless.
These "settlements" aimed at bringing together the volunteer middle-class and the suffering working-class in innercity areas (his later war cabinet colleague, Clement Attlee, took his place in the Toynbee Hall settlement in London's East End around the same time).
The index is supported by digital skills charity Go ON UK, technology services company Accenture, and charity Toynbee Hall.
Head of the Financial Health Exchange at Toynbee Hall, Sian Williams, commented "We particularly welcome the commitment that the poorest and most vulnerable customers will be protected from the account fees and charges which can unintentionally lead to self-exclusion or unmanageable debt.
ITALIAN-BORN inventor Guglielmo Marconi gave the first public demonstration of radio at Toynbee Hall in London.
Rather than view settlement as a simple extension of home visits, Siegel argues that Barnett's Toynbee Hall and Hill's rental homes were a response and critique of the condescension and lack of authenticity inherent to the visiting scene.
The following year he became secretary of Toynbee Hall, and was employed by the government to give public presentations on Lloyd George's National Insurance Act.
Profumo spent the rest of his life helping some of the poorest people in London's East End as a volunteer at Toynbee Hall.
A pesar de las experiencias frustradas de asociaciones y cooperativas promovidas por sindicalistas y socialistas, que siguieron los pasos de Owen y de los saint-simonianos, surgieron en el mundo anglosajon experiencias comunitarias, ensayos nuevos de cooperacion y participacion, entre los que destacan dos centros pioneros, Toynbee Hall en Londres, fundado en 1884, y Hull House, que se fundo en Chicago cinco anos despues, en 1889.
According to Toynbee Hall, an anti-poverty charity based in Tower Hamlets, the number of sex worker arrests has also surged in Newham, home to the Olympic stadium.
In 1873, Samuel and Henrietta Barnett founded Toynbee Hall, the first settlement house, in London.