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What does it mean when you dream about toys?

Generally, toys indicate a hearkening back to childhood. The dreamer may be searching for the comfort and security that comes with being a child. Perhaps the dreamer is working too hard and needs to take time out to play.

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"It is called the Land of Toys. Why don't you come, too?"
"That is really fine!" declared Santa Claus, who loved toys and pretty things.
But as to its use in the absence of the box, there is only one brief sentence, namely: "When his arms are laden with toys and no box is there, the word-habit arises and he calls 'box.' " This is inadequate as it stands, since the habit has been to use the word when the box is present, and we have to explain its extension to cases in which the box is absent.
He saw the same children, and the same toys on the table; and there was the same grand castle with the pretty little Dancer.
She sent him into the nursery to gather up his toys, and in a little while he was playing happily.
What he was in toys, he was (as most men are) in other things.
Over most of the beds, the toys were yet grouped as the children had left them when they last laid themselves down, and, in their innocent grotesqueness and incongruity, they might have stood for the children's dreams.
THE picturesque city and state of Heiligwaldenstein was one of those toy kingdoms of which certain parts of the German Empire still consist.
He had a comfortable armchair put out on the tower, wherein he sat sometimes all day long, watching as though the kite was a new toy and he a child lately come into possession of it.
Undaunted he continued his experiments, finding that he could hack and hew splinters of wood from the table and chairs with this new toy.
"It is a scientific toy," said the men of trade and commerce.
"Lately purchased by us," said the shopwoman, seeing me look at the toy, "from a lady who has no further use for it."