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A TCP/IP utility, originally Unix, which allows the user to determine the route packets are taking to a particular host. Traceroute works by increasing the "time to live" value of packets and seeing how far they get, until they reach the given destination; thus, a lengthening trail of hosts passed through is built up.


An Internet utility that describes the path in real time from the client machine to the remote host being contacted. It reports the IP addresses of all the routers in between. Windows comes with its own Traceroute utility (TRACERT.EXE) that is executed from the command line.

A Visual Trace
You see the nodes pop into place with NeoTrace, originally created by NeoWorx. This shows the 13 nodes from The Computer Language Company to HP's website in California. Starting at the Comcation ISP in Doylestown, PA, the route is traced to the Digex ISP (206 and digex nodes) through various routers in the BBN backbone that HP is connected to. Details are displayed when the cursor is moved over a node's icon. For more information, visit, which bought NeoWorx and incorporated NeoTrace into its Personal Firewall service.
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Also, working with a trace route snap grid is much easier to work with rather than using shape-based "gridless" routing solutions, The IPC-7351A CAD library construction uses 0.
Utilities include Ping, Trace Route and Telnet for testing LANs, configuring routers, fixing network problems, initiating routines and running applications.
Dead Space Ignition combines an interactive comic-style story with three unique hacking games; Hardware Crack, Trace Route and System Override.
The COMPAS performs such tests as duplicate IP address detection, IP ping, IP host summary list and detail, Internet control message protocol (ICMP), monitoring and trace route, domain name system (DNS) support for simplified troubleshooting and DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) support for automatic configuration.
For instance, SuperAgent can immediately launch a trace route investigation for a network performance violation.
Trace Route Upon Failure isolates the point of network failure;
Earlier this year, Agilent introduced option N2640A-010 for the WireScope Pro, which activates the Autodiscovery function for network stations and servers, Autotest, ping, trace route, traffic statistics, and basic SNMP queries like Locate Switch Port.
When a trace route is performed, it appears that Prolexic Technologies is the host server, when in fact that is not the case.
The analyzer also provides invaluable assistance in local troubleshooting, using diagnostics tools such as Connection Analysis, Authentication Support, Trace Route and Live View for traffic and packet analysis.
It provides a variety of test functions for infrastructure (cable and link) integrity testing, remote loopback testing, fault propagation and isolation, and performance and provisioning monitoring across the entire network (including latency, loss, jitter and trace route measurements).