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Caption: Figure 5: Initial tracking errors [e.sub.1,j] and [e.sub.2,j] versus the iteration number j.
As shown in the forward reference, the tracking errors are ultimately bounded, which is partly determined by the bounded changing rate and the number of agents.
In Section 3, the stability and steady-state tracking errors for AMB system controlled by ILC controller with forgetting factor are derived.
The way of computing the tracking errors plays an important role in the guidance process of a UAV.
The output tracking errors and compensated tracking errors of the subsystems are defined, respectively, as
Define the tracking errors [mathematical expression not reproducible], respectively.
In other words, with the learning control schemes, the tracking errors in any phase of the time domain, either in the transient phase or in the steady state, can be made to be within the specified error bound.
For improved detection, the reader also incorporates two cameras, which combine to produce high-quality images that eliminate the risk of edge effects and tracking errors. Additional features include the easy saving of images for troubleshooting and diagnosis, and a fully integrated design within a single chassis.
As the square paths are intrinsically different form their circular counterparts, the tracking errors will also differ.
He pinpointed 18 critical rider training and tracking errors and provided fixes, making 1 them 100 percent compliant with AF standards.
For this purpose a module is designed using ARToolKit that will report the marker distance from camera and the tracking errors found while tracking the sample1 marker (See Fig.