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Magic Trackpad

A multitouch gesture-based touchpad from Apple that debuted on Mac laptops in 2009 and became a stand-alone pointing device for desktop computers in 2010. The Magic Trackpad has all the features of Apple's Magic Mouse in a touchpad configuration.

For Windows But Limited
With some tech savvy, the Trackpad driver can be lifted out of the Mac's Boot Camp system; however, not all the gestures work on Windows PCs. In 2011, Logitech introduced a gesture-based wireless touchpad for Windows and followed up with enhanced models. See Magic Mouse.

Multitouch Magic
Apple's Bluetooth touchpad for the Mac is very popular because of its multitouch capability. This three-finger example was excerpted from the Mac control panel.


(1) See HP TouchPad.

(2) The built-in pointing device on all laptop and netbook computers. Also called a "trackpad," the touchpad provides a small, flat surface to slide one's finger over. Residing below most touchpads, two physical buttons emulate the left and right mouse buttons; however, the touchpad surface can often be tapped as a substitute for pressing the left button. In addition, either the entire touchpad area or only one side of the surface may be used to emulate the mouse's scroll wheel.

Multitouch Touchpads
Popularized by Apple's Magic Trackpad, newer multitouch devices accept gestures from two or more fingers to activate common functions such as scrolling, next page, previous page and zoom. See mouse, trackball, pointing stick and Magic Trackpad.

The touchpad became standard on laptops, but external units for desktop computers are also available (see Magic Trackpad).


The pointing stick on some models of Lenovo laptops. Used in conjunction with a touchpad, IBM introduced and popularized this pointing device (see ThinkPad). See Lenovo.

The TrackPoint
IBM popularized the pointing stick, subsequently used on certain Lenovo models (see TrackPoint).

The TrackPoint
IBM popularized the pointing stick, subsequently used on certain Lenovo models (see TrackPoint).
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According to ( PatentlyApple , the new Apple illuminated trackpad patent showed that the user would have a customizable, adjustable trackpad.
The trackpad's placement, however, does make it a little weird.
The full PC transformer is actually the idea with Microsoft's Surface Pro, sold for $800 and up, which flips between touch screen and traditional desktop mode, and works with a trackpad or mouse.
"Redesigning MacBook Air started with a stunning Retina display and all-day battery life, and then we added Touch ID and the Apple T2 Security Chip, the latest processors, incredible sound, the third-generation keyboard and Force Touch trackpad, high speed Thunderbolt 3 ports, and of course macOS Mojave in a beautiful, thinner, lighter, all-aluminum design that a whole new generation of MacBook Air customers are going to love."
Unveiled at the 2018 Computex IT convention in Taipei, Taiwan, held from June 5 to 9, the ZenBook Pro 15 laptop caught visitors' attention due to its unusual touchscreen, which replaced the traditional laptop trackpad.
The Force Touch trackpad also needs some bedding-in time.
Every new iMac comes standard with the new Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2, and customers can order the new Magic Trackpad 2 as an option.
No more fumbling for keys, your Smartphone or remembering codes on a trackpad. You can keep your hands in your pockets or carrying your ten-at-once bags of groceries.
It covers managing the desktop; optimizing screen space; connecting to a network; setting up iCloud services and internet accounts; accessing email and the internet; sharing files, devices, and services; using instant messaging, FaceTime, Twitter, and Facebook; managing contacts, maps, schedules, reminders, and notes; using iTunes, iBooks, and Game Center; installing and managing software and apps; optimizing hardware, including changing trackpad and mouse options, adjusting the display, and recording video and audio; connecting other devices; securing and protecting the computer; and troubleshooting.
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