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(Or "pointing stick", "nipple") A small knob found in the middle of some keyboards that works like a very short isometric joystick. Pressing it toward or away from you or from side to side moves the pointer on the screen. Ted Selker brought the concept of an in-keyboard pointing device to IBM in September 1987. TrackPoint was introduced in 1992 on the IBM ThinkPad and later on some desktops.

It takes up virtually no extra room on the box or the work area and also requires minimal movement of the hands from the keyboard.

Many imitations of highly variable quality appeared. Pointing sticks have also been used in many other notebook brands, including TI, HP, Compac, Dell, Toshiba (e.g. Portege 4000's "AccuPoint II"), and AST (e.g. Ascentia 910N).

"TrackPoint" and "Trackpoint" are IBM trademarks.

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The pointing stick on some models of Lenovo laptops. Used in conjunction with a touchpad, IBM introduced and popularized this pointing device (see ThinkPad). See Lenovo.

The TrackPoint
IBM popularized the pointing stick, subsequently used on certain Lenovo models (see TrackPoint).

The TrackPoint
IBM popularized the pointing stick, subsequently used on certain Lenovo models (see TrackPoint).
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The typical lenovo trackpoint is embedded in the center of the keyboard and works as well as always, and the touchpad is a fine if perhaps pedestrian experience.
Code Violation Services will analyze and identify unrecorded, municipal code violations on defaulted property managed through TrackPoint, saving TrackPoint users costly fines from unresolved violations and reducing the timelines for the sale of REOs and other distressed property.
The Trackpoint pointing stick on the original IBM ThinkPad laptops depended on a predictive model of human cognitive and physiological capabilities to improve its ability to make precise GUI selections.
That potentially enables more complicated and precise touch-screen commands than conventional two-finger multitouch.<p>Despite Lenovo's embrace of multitouch, Locker said Lenovo's iconic red TrackPoint, which debuted 17 years ago and is available on all ThinkPads, probably won't go away anytime soon.<p>"The TrackPoint has a lot more precision, and you don't have to move your hands off the keyboard," he said.
TonguePoint is another AT, based on the IBM TrackPoint device used in laptops, and takes the form of a small pressure-sensitive joystick placed inside the mouth [18].
The keyboard is comfortable, there is a palm rest, and the TrackPoint pointing device is "Press to Select." Battery choices include 4-cell, 8-cell, and extended life for up to 9.5 hours.
Notebook input devices put to an age test: The usability of TrackPoint and touchpad for older adults.
ThinkPads have always had the best pointing device, the IBM-invented TrackPoint. Resembling an eraser head just above the B key, the TrackPoint lets me move the "mouse" pointer with either index finger (handy in itself), and without removing my hands from the keyboard--a huge benefit.
Also included in the IBM ThinkPad R40 is dual-band Wi-Fi technology, IBM's red-button TrackPoint cursor-control device and a new version of Access Connections.
A trackpoint is used for navigation, as there's no room for a more conventional touchpad.