Traction Motor

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Traction Motor


an electric motor used to drive vehicles such as electric locomotives and trains, diesel-electric locomotives and ships, and streetcars, trolleys, and other electric vehicles. Traction motors may use alternating or direct current, and they may have individual or group electric drive to transmit the torque from the engine shaft to the propulsion mechanism. They also may differ with respect to the cooling system; self-ventilation is used in motors with a power of up to 250 kilowatts, and independent and mixed ventilation are used for more powerful motors (seeCOOLING OF ELECTRIC MACHINES).

DC motors, single-phase AC commutator motors, and three-phase asynchronous motors are most commonly used as traction motors. Sealed traction motors are made for vehicles operating under hazardous explosion conditions. The power of modern traction motors ranges from a few kilowatts to several megawatts.


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The operational reliability of railway rolling stock, in particular passenger trains, is key in maximising availability and is highly dependent on the health of the drive system--the traction motor and gearbox.
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The traction motor power connector now includes a color-coded power mounting flange with built-in locking keys to prevent the contact cable from slipping during use.