Trade School

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Trade School


in the USSR, a vocational-technical educational institution of the type that existed in the 1940’s and 1950’s; trade schools were designed to train skilled workers for industry, transportation, communications, agriculture, and other sectors of the economy. There were several types of trade schools in prerevolutionary Russia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including trade schools proper, schools for trade apprentices, lower trade schools, and rural training workshops. In 1910 there were more than 1,900 such schools with 90,300 students. Most of the institutions were financed from donations.

In the USSR during the 1920’s and 1930’s, there were schools for apprenticeship in industry. In 1940 they were reorganized as trade schools in accordance with the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR entitled On State Labor Reserves (Oct. 2, 1940). The trade schools were designed to train skilled workers for metallurgy, metalworking, the chemical industry, mining, the petroleum industry, communications enterprises, the maritime and river fleets, agriculture, and other fields. They admitted young people between the ages of 14 and 17, usually after seven years of education. The term of study in most trade schools was two to three years, and students received state support. In 1959 the trade schools were converted into vocational-technical schools.


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He got enrolled in trade school - run by Al Naboodah Group Enterprise (ANGE) - that aims to provide day-to-day construction skills and basic reading and writing classes to the employees.
If you live in a town that does not have many local trade school programs, consider offering a general college fair that features four-year colleges and vocational programs.
At the dedication, one of the trustees articulated the rationale for a trade school: "One of the best aids for uplifting the social life of our cities, among the boys and girls, is to give them, first, something to do with brains and hands that will rivet their interest and scatter their aimless and often degrading thoughts, and, second, to make them feel a sense of responsibility as workmen and contributors to the welfare of the state and nation.''
The company now has six divisions: Flexographic Training Services, Flexographic Technical Services, Flexographic Trade School, Flexographic Trade Shop, Flexographic Trade Supplies, and Flexographic Temp Services.
The argument goes that many trade school graduates are forced to find work outside the field of their training.
A solid K-12 education can and should prepare all of us for our next stage in life, be that college, trade school, military service, immediate employment, or to be a parent who chooses to stay home and raise the next generation.
The school does not push students into the military, Goodwine says, but to seek a post-secondary school, technical school or trade school. "We want to make them better students academically, personally and professionally," he says.
One, Trade School Hooley, won the best sapling in show at the Crayford Breeders' Festival last year."
In the spring of 1998, eleven students graduated from the Angelus Plaza College Preparatory High School: all eleven received full or partial scholarships to trade school, junior college or four-year college programs.
Today many of the men and women who viewed his federally sanctioned trade school as a ticket out of poverty are still holed up in the Nashville projects.
On the other hand, training in vocational and trade school increased (13.4%), the largest amount ever.
Bill to attend trade school with plans of becoming a carpenter.