trade association

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trade association,

group of business people in the same trade or industry organized for the advancement of common interests. The trade association differs from the chamber of commercechamber of commerce,
local association of business people organized to promote the welfare of their community, especially its commercial interests. Each chamber of commerce usually has an elected board of directors, and its work is done through committees.
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 in that membership is by industry rather than by locality. The common interests binding the members of the trade association may include credit, public relations, relations with employees, sales development, output, or prices. Some associations publish official journals, and some maintain bureaus at the national and state capitals.
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Some insurance trade associations decided the best way to maintain a strong advocacy voice and remain financially viable was to keep their individual identity.
Daley, who rewarded party functionaries with jobs in the municipal bureaucracy, the GOP is building its machine outside government, among Washington's thousands of trade associations and corporate offices, their tens of thousands of employees, and the hundreds of millions of dollars in political money at their disposal.
This book is of most use to trade association personnel and researchers.

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