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Trade secrecy and copyright aren't often seen as a natural pair, but on this issue--whether the law should care how copies are made--the former has much to offer the latter.
exclusivity based on trade secrecy fits well with algorithms that are
occasion when trade secrecy was mentioned, however, Congress recognized
In parliament on Tuesday, Smith described the Kadeer situation, as well the bribery and infringement of trade secrecy charges filed against Rio Tinto employees, as "difficulties that we have in our relationship with China" that the country was "managing".
patent law, trade secrecy offers some significant advantages for
The practical guide proposes a common format for national regulatory authorities and another for the general public with more limited information to respect trade secrecy.
Obligations of trade secrecy arise from a number of legal sources, including a duty of loyalty to the employer in tort and prohibitions on unjust enrichment in the law of restitution.
The current law of trade secrecy grew out of a need to hold third parties liable for misuse of information despite a lack of privity with the owner.
The basic characteristics of Mexico's PRTR are the following: facility-specific data; standardized data; chemical-specific data; annual reporting; public access to the data; mandatory reporting; limited trade secrecy, and, for each chemical, data on releases to air, water and land and data on transfers of the chemical in waste.
Corruption in a company spills over to the government and vice versa; trade secrecy and national security combine to eliminate transparency.
A focus on trade secrecy as a means of protecting products or inventions may make researchers and companies less likely to share research discoveries (8).
substantiation information at the time a claim of trade secrecy is made