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It said the use of Happy - or any other songs - without permission was a copyright and trademark violation.
Counterfeits and trademark violation is now the number one concern for Japanese businesses that are looking to expand into the UAE market.
Stevi Lowmass, the CEO and Founder of Dubai-based manufacturer The Camel Soap Factory is dealing with trademark violation for the third time in almost three years.
This week, Mark Oppenheimer, Liel Leibovitz, and I sound off about the latest headlines: the legal battle between Jewish dating apps JDate and JSwipe (JDate is suing JSwipe for trademark violation for using the 'J' in its name), plus a Nazi-themed romance novel, and an Israeli-based crowd-funding effort to reelect Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
In contrast, the ITC may issue an exclusion order preventing product import after finding of trademark violation with only consideration of the public interest element that the District Court weighs in its deliberations.
Ruger sued AMT on the basis of a common law trademark violation and won, driving the company into bankruptcy.
Gearbox has accused them of alleged trademark violation, copyright infringement and contact breach.
Whether "Appstore" is a trademark violation has yet to be determined.
Amazon, who launched its own app store in March 2011, was sued in the same month by the Apple alleging trademark violation and false advertising.
"The use of a trademark violation has not previously been used by a brewer in a sales transaction," William D.
Eight months later, he got a cease-and-desist letter from a lawyer representing Tea Party Patriots--a group that now claims to be one of the largest tea party groups in the country--who accused Cole of committing a trademark violation.