Traffic Marking

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Traffic Marking


a means of regulating road traffic. Traffic markings may be either horizontal or vertical. Horizontal markings include lines and symbols on street and highway thoroughfares that establish traffic rules and assist drivers in orienting themselves to road conditions. Vertical markings include lines and symbols that are imposed on road structures (bridge supports, parapets, curbs).

In the USSR, traffic markings have been used since 1933. The All-Union State Standard (GOST), which is based on international traffic agreements, was instituted in 1975. Traffic markings are used on streets and roads with good surfaces. Horizontal markings are white, except where stopping or parking is prohibited, in which case they are yellow. Vertical markings combine black and white stripes.

Thermoplastics are commonly used for traffic markings; they are much more durable than paints and last one to two years.


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