Trafford Leigh-Mallory

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Leigh-Mallory, Trafford


Born July 11, 1892, in Mobberley, Cheshire; died Nov. 14, 1944, near Grenoble. Air chief marshal of Great Britain (1943).

Leigh-Mallory graduated from Cambridge University in 1914. In World War I he served in the army and from 1916 in the air force. In World War II he commanded a fighter group (until 1942) that fought to defend the British Isles against the raids of the fascist German air force. Commander of the fighters of the RAF from November 1942, Leigh-Mallory in 1943 was appointed commander of the Allied air force in northwestern Europe, which covered the landing of 1944 and the offensive of the allied troops in France. In October 1944 he was appointed commander of the combined Allied air force in Southeast Asia. Leigh-Mallory died in a plane crash.

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